Quanzhou JINTIAN Machinery Co.,LTD. was founded in 1978, which is located in the International Garden City—Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The factory covers an area of around fifteen thousand square meters. Now, factory has a staff of over 400 people. Since it was founded, we always keep the principle of “Based on Quality, Service Highest”.We provide all kinds of mechanical components for the big enterprises and supply high quality components of excavators and bulldozers—“Four Rollers and One Gridle” (TRACK ROLLER, CARRIER ROLLETR, FRONT INLER, SPROCKET, CATERPILLAR TRACK) as well as all kinds of engineering mechanical components to the members of the metallurgy company.

With the high speed development of our market economics and external enterprise’s gradual economic infiltration to domestic market, especially our entry into WTO, new economic competitive system has come quietly, Under this kind of situation, Our factory gradually use the normative management. We rearrange our management tactics of the market.We attach importance to the research and development of our product. Now we have a high level of specialization, high scale and modernization in management and production. Our product--“Four Rollers and One Gridle”, the quality has reached the top level as the same international products. They have received high appraise both from domestic and abroad.With the expansion of manufacture scale, we have many professional research personnel and branch , such as forging, fine casting, fine machining, welding, heat treatment. All of these can gradually improve the quality standard of our product . We are assiduous in the efforts to supply higher quality to our great majority customer.

So far, we have set up Tianjing selling service company, Tianjing selling service company, Harbin selling service company, Guangzhou selling service company, Kunming selling service company. We have made gradual perfection to our selling service network all ove China, so that we can supply more convenient, faster, first-rate service.

Since it came to the 21st century, the Staff of our whole factory have pursed the principle of “Pursue and Develop with Quality, Make Brands with Quality”. We are sure that Our brand JINTIAN、JTF、JTM can be popular in domestic and international engineering machinery market. We are always ardent to provide services to all the customers with Preciseness and Speciality、Sincereness、Union、Open-up !